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New office building


New office building

Due to the realization of our vision and mission in the past period, we have expanded the business space with a new administrative building. This has raised our business to a higher level. We expect all current and future partners to visit us in the new premises.

The future look of DVG Company, in accordance with the concluded contract, in addition to the station building and the accompanying garage, includes the construction of the business and commercial space, 8 business facilities(A1-B2, E, F, G, H) as well as facilities (C1-D2) that lean on the station building itself.

The individual BRGPs of these 12 buildings range from 4394 square meters (building A1) to 4804 square meters (building D 1), which is the largest area. According to our website from the @urbanistickicentar by biro, the entire complex occupies a total BRGP of 74 941 square meters.